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Injections and Fillers

Botox In Dubai

Botox injections should be given only by a trained medical professional, even when used for cosmetic purposes. Botox is injected into a muscle. A doctor, nurse will give you this injection. Doses should be spaced at least 3 months apart. Your Botox injection may be given into more than one area at a time, depending on the condition being treated.

Botox is a safe treatment to smooth out crows feet, frowning lines, forehead lines and other dynamic wrinkles (those wrinkles that are more obvious during facial expressions). Patients treated with Botox appear younger looking because they lose wrinkles around their eyes. The effect lasts about 6 months.

Botox is extracted from clostridium butilinum and was originally used by ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) to treat spasms of the eye muscles.

Dermal Fillers In Dubai

Different types of dermal fillers in Dubai are available in the cosmetic surgery profession. The most commonly material used is Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. The hyaluronic acid that is used as medicine is extracted from rooster combs or made by bacteria in the laboratory.

This material, when injected into the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulates collagen which is the supportive tissue of the skin. The effects last between 2-9 months. Fillers are a suitable solution for filling deep lines and other facial depressions.