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Are you looking to enhance your appearance in a quick, safe and comfortable way?  

Are you unhappy with a problem area of your figure and would like to change it?

Have you considered plastic surgery but are not sure which clinic to choose?

You New Plastic Surgery Clinic can offer a range of cosmetic procedures that can enhance your appearance or resolve long standing body image issues.

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  • We can provide safe and discreet cosmetic procedures that will really make a difference to your life
  • We use the latest plastic surgery techniques that allow our customers freedom to enhance their appearance
  • We have many years experience of providing quality plastic surgery to a range of satisfied customers, including both men and women
  • Our procedures are affordable and therefore readily available to a wide range of people

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A History of Plastic Surgery:uk plastic surgery

Plastic or cosmetic surgery is said to date back to the Pharos who carried out early face lifts and hair transplants. In more modern times it became a taboo subject because patients wanted to remain discreet about undergoing treatment.

With the development of hospital care, antibiotics, anesthesia and equipment, plastic surgery became a safer and more common medical procedure. From the 1950s surgeons were even encouraged to promote it as a modality to enhance quality of life.

Cosmetic surgery was carried out in hospitals for a long time but from the 1980s onwards, with the demand for treatments increasing, procedures begun to be available in privately run clinics.

For all these reasons it is now more common for people to reveal that they have undergone cosmetic surgery and it is more widely accepted by the public.

Clinics began to open all over the world and it was not long before the You New Clinic was established to provide cosmetic procedures in the growing city of Dubai.

You New is a privately run plastic surgery clinic that provides all the latest procedures. Our experienced surgeon can offer a wide range of cosmetic techniques to improve patients’ looks and ultimately their self esteem.


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Nose Reshape

Nose Reshape

Commonly referred to as a "nose job", this is an extremely well known cosmetic surgery procedure.  It involves reshaping the nose and its underlying cartilage to create a nose profile that better compliments the other features of the face.

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